Services and Projects
Child Welfare Tshwane’s core business imperatives are to ENHANCE social work, refine our specialised services and DEVELOP a sustainable fundraising program.

With our focus dedicated to enhancing SOCIAL WORK, 3 defined programmes serving the community include:

Intake and Risk Assessment
Family Preservation
Legal Protection

Family Reunification
The aim of our Family Reunification Programme is to ultimately reunite the child or children concerned with their family, once the relevant issues of concern have been suitably addressed. Family Reunification Services are goal-directed, and are planned to offer support and empowerment to all those involved within the family system, be they children, parents, guardians or caregivers.
Intake and Risk Assessment
Located in the heart of Sunnyside, a centralised Social Services Team is readily available to handle calls and new reports from various communities surrounding the Tshwane Metropolitan area. This dedicated team of social workers deals with immediate assessments, covering any services ranging from basic and forensic assessments to analysis including individual, family as well as play therapy.

t. 086 029 8298 OR
t. 079 069 9014

Family Preservation
The Family Preservation Programme focuses on the provision of FIVE Drop-in Centres, where children are accomodated after school. At each Centre, services include the provision of a daily balanced meal, homework support, life-skill training and support groups attending to a variety of needs. Additionally, holiday programmes are offered and Early Childhood Development activities form a crucial part of the programme. Five service points are located within the economically challenged communities of Elandspoort, MidCity / Sunnyside, Mamelodi, Eersterust and Atteridgeville.
Legal Protection
Legal Protection Services include the following: Children’s Court Investigations, Adoptions and the identification of Temporary Safe Care and Foster Care placements. Social Work services are rendered in an effort to preserve the family (keep the family together). When such efforts are unsuccessful, the children impacted must be protected from any potential form of harm, neglect, abuse or ill-treatment.

Given the expertise of our Legal Protection team, we are able to provide protection by means of Statutory Intervention. This includes a Children’s Court Investigation, followed by the submission of a Statutory Report with recommendations, ensuring the protection and safety of the child or children concerned, in accordance with their best interests.

School Support Programme Beneficiaries
Schools visited including pre-schools,
primary and secondary schools
School learners reached23 360
Schools collected clothes, toys and food5
Kidz4Kidz fundraising amountR 138 940,40
Our Adoptions team places abandoned babies and children available for adoption according to the Children’s Act with adoptive parents, after an intensive screening process.
The School Support Programme
The purpose of connecting with the schools is to create awareness of Child Welfare Tshwane’s services within the communities of the Tshwane Metropolitan area, with specific reference to child abuse and neglect.

Services rendered within the Schools Support Programme
are detailed below:

  • The relevant social workers conduct awareness talks in schools, focusing on the following aspects:
  • 1. The empowerment of children concerning body awareness when feeling unsafe
    2. Encouraging children to share unsafe secrets with someone they trust
    3. Creating awareness of possible support systems for children when they feel unsafe

  • We encourage, and create opportunities for children and teachers to report cases of abuse and neglect if necessary
  • Children who may be abused or neglected are assisted, referring them to relevant support resources, and assist the school to formulate a plan of action
  • Our School Support Programme Social Workers further support and empower teachers, but training them on the issues and dynamics related to child abuse and neglect.
  • Such training includes the following:
    1. How to identify abuse and neglect
    2. Prioritising the situation
    3. Developing a plan of action that ensures the best interests of the child

  • Not only do we focus on primary- and secondary schools, but also the very young population of children attending pre-schools. Our Social Workers conduct school visits to pre-schools, focusing on raising awareness of children’s rights and responsibilities, as well as empowering them to be aware of and avoid, potentially unsafe situations
  • Our School Support Programme raise funds to benefit the Kidz4Kidz awareness programme
  • We also invite schools to offer donations of second-hand clothes, toys and food, in order to support less privileged schools