Service Points
Child Welfare Tshwane’s core business imperatives are to ENHANCE social work, refine our specialised services and DEVELOP a sustainable fundraising program. With our focus dedicated to enhancing SOCIAL WORK, three defined programmes serving the community INCLUDES Intake and Risk Assessment, Family Preservation and Legal Protection.

Atteridgeville is a disadvantaged, majority Black-populated community, located to the West of Tshwane. An agonising 70 % of the population experience poverty and unemployment. The community is significantly affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, consequently resulting in an ever-increasing number of orphans.

t: 012 373 8131/8047

Bramley Children’s home

Bramley Children’s Home accommodates 54 children in terms of the Children’s Act. A holistic service is rendered which focuses on the physical, social, educational, spiritual and emotional care of the children. A weekend- and holiday-parent program provides these youngsters with a bit of a ‘normal’ opportunity to be part of a well-functioning family. The bonds that are formed become very important to the children. An expansive volunteer program provides various extramural scholastic sport needs to the children.” Through an expansive volunteer programme, various extramural activities are on offer to our children, particularly in relation to sports training.

t: 012 460 6375
t: 012 460 6372


The quality of life in Eersterust, a predominantly Coloured community, is severely undermined due to the deeply serious issues of child- neglect, abuse and abandonment, drug- and substance abuse amongst youth and adults, teenage pregnancies and high unemployment. The subsequent need for safe, caring and protective Social Work services in this community is therefore evident, this being reflected in the rapid growth of Drop-In Centre attendees from 84 children in August 2013, to the current 128 children who are accommodated on a daily basis.

t: 063 725 0745


It is estimated that approximately 75 % of those living in Elandspoort, a community likewise situated to the West of Tshwane, are unskilled and/or unemployed. Daily social problems encountered include (take out the “s”) drug- and alcohol abuse, disturbingly high numbers of school students who drop-out, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence and child neglect / abuse.

t: 012 754 5981


In the east of Tshwane, Mamelodi is challenged with an estimated 80% of the population fighting poverty and unemployment. Prominent problems such as drug abuse among children, lack of parental guidance and HIV/AIDS is a growing concern and reality.

t: 012 805 4056/7

Pretoria Mid City / Sunnyside

Sunnyside is a densely populated community, consisting mainly of high-rise flats, with 80 % of the population being of African descent. Given the affordability of the housing, a high percentage of the residents are of a low income demographic. Malnutrition is on the increase and substance abuse and crime is rife, which emphasizes the urgent need for social services, particularly providing safe and protected environments for children after school.

t: 012 343 9392
t: 079 069 9014


A predominantly African community, Olievenhoutbosch deals daily with extreme poverty, unemployment, crime, and high percentages of individuals and families being infected- and affected by HIV/Aids. These are just some of the social challenges that require urgent attention.

t: 071 294 8665

t: 071 295 8886