Our services

Prevention and
Early Intervention services

The purpose of this service is to provide high standard social work services to the communities in need. The aim of the services is to build resilience of individuals and families when faced with adversities. These services include the following:

  • Non-statutory reports
  • Supervised visits
  • Individual counselling (bereavement, parenting, trauma)
  • Parenting advice/counselling
  • Child therapy (socio-emotional assessment, interactional analysis,behavioral modification)
  • Marriage counselling

More about the purpose of socio-emotional evaluation:
Evaluate different systems in the child’s world as well as the child’s socio-emotional functioning and emotional experience of these systems. The evaluation further aims to identify and understand different factors that contributes to the child’s current experiences, to make the necessary recommendations in the best interest of the child (Webb, 2011:61). The evaluation process is conducted from a systems viewpoint that recognises that the child is influenced by the system it belongs to, just as the system is affected by the individuals that belongs to it.


During the evaluation we will be taking a holistic look at your child’s functioning in all areas. Areas that will be evaluated during the evaluation will include amongst others:

  • School and peer relationships.
  • Relationship with parents and siblings.
  • Child’s experience of marital relationship of parents.
  • Other significant people.
  • Relationships in which the child might be experiencing discomfort.
  • Attachment.
  • Broad screening of perceptual and motor functioning.
  • Screening for possible exposure to trauma including physical and/or sexual abuse.
  • Personality functioning and temperament.


At Child Welfare Tshwane we do history-free evaluations. This implies that the social worker has no information regarding the reason for referral, history of your child and/or family. We prefer to do history free socio-emotional evaluation as this ensures objectivity and neutrality of the evaluation process.

Specialised Assessments
and Therapy services

This service includes the following:

Socio-emotional assessments

Forensic interviews

Interactional Analysis

Play therapy, bereavement, life-story and structured therapy

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