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Child Welfare Tshwane relies on the support from private individuals and business leaders to ensure that we deliver uninterrupted services to our Tshwane families in need. Please consider supporting our worthy cause today by making a financial contribution.

Bank details
Child Welfare Tshwane 
First National Bank
Account No: 62457249392
Branch Code: 251345

Child Welfare Tshwane welcomes any donations including clothing, furniture, and consumables.
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Child Welfare Tshwane invites you to join us at any one of our fundraising events. We strive to secure sustainable funding ranging from government sources, foundations and trusts, events, business leaders and individual support. More than fifty percent of our annual funding is sourced from non-government opportunities to ensure uninterrupted service provision to our communities in need. Your contribution will be acknowledged with an 18A Certificate.

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The Board of Management sets the organisation’s overall policy and provides guidance and input in areas relating to strategic direction, planning, performance management, resource allocation, key appointments, standards of conduct and communication with stakeholders.

  • The organisation’s corporate philosophy is consistent with the principles of the King Code on Corporate Governance in that, inter alia:
  • The Chairperson and Director fulfil separate roles
  • The Chairperson is an elected, non-executive member
  • The Financial and Risk Committees are chaired by a Non-Executive Member

    The Board of Management acknowledges the importance of sound corporate governance and the guidelines set out in the King Code. The Board of Management therefore intends to embrace the King Code so far as is appropriate, having regard to the nature and size of the organisation. The Board of Management will take such measures in so far as is practical to comply with the King Code.