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Adoption Services

Child Welfare Tshwane has rendered adoption services to all communities since 1974. We have a non-discrimination policy, and the primary purpose of adoption is to provide a stable family life for those children who are legally adoptable. Child Welfare Tshwane’s Adoption Unit is registered, authorised, and dedicated to render such services to children, placing them in the permanent care of a person(s) who are not their biological parents or guardians. Adoption creates forever families for adoptable children giving them a sense of belonging and permanency within a family and home giving them stability and security to develop to their full potential and thus contributing to the community. Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults.

Child Welfare Tshwane’s Adoption Unit offers a full circle/360 adoption service.

The service includes the following:

Adoption enquiries, intakes, adoption administration and search
of origin enquiries.

Counselling and support to biological mothers/parents and the statutory process regarding the baby.

Orientation and screening of prospective adoptive parents, and the finalisation of the adoptions after the babies are matched and placed with the prospective adoptive parents.

Open-adoptions and related adoptions.
This includes the counselling of biological parents as well as the screening of the prospective adoptive parents and the finalisation of such adoptions.

Statutory services are rendered in a large area involving various Magistrate Courts

Awareness programmes at clinics, schools, and the communities.

Community work to create awareness of our services and prevent child abandonment.

Non-disclosed adoptions

Disclosed adoptions

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For enquiries and more information please contact:

Nina de Caires
Supervisor: Adoptions

E: nina@childwelfare.co.za
T: 012 944 7287
C: 082 824 9244 (WhatsApp only)