Who are we?

Child Welfare Tshwane is 93 years old!
Our Vision and Purpose is
to provide a safe home environment for every child in Tshwane.

We want to protect children and ensure that they have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

What we do?

We are building communities where all children live with a loving adult care giver in a family home with easy access to food, health-care, education, recreation, and emotional support.

Violation of children?s rights will cease to exist. Child Welfare Tshwane draws the line against child abuse and neglect.

Child Welfare Tshwane endeavours to provide intervention to a vulnerable child, through security, development and help the child cope independently.


Child Welfare Tshwane Centers



June/July 2011
January/February 2011
April 2012


Contact Details

Phone: 012 460 9236
082 302 8134
083 983 8633
Intake Centre: 0861 ctw ctw (0861 298 298)
Fax: 086 695 5451
E-mail: info@childwelfare.co.za
Physical Address: 77 Nicolson Street, Bailey?s Muckleneuk, Pretoria

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Banking Details

Account Name: Child Welfare Tshwane
Bank: ABSA Bank, Brooklyn
Account No: 4045889029
Ref: WEB001